ISU Development Trophy

It is indeed a pleasure for me to give the green light on behalf of the International Skating Union to the first ever edition of the ISU World Development Trophy, that this season will be comprised of three Events, one in Poland, one in Singapore and one in the Philippines.

The aim of this new competition series is to allow some ISU Members to have their skaters compete on an even level, either in Figure Skating or in Short Track Speed Skating.

I would like to extend congratulations to the three ISU Member Associations that, for the first time, will take care for the organization of such a Trophy.

My compliments also go to the respective Organizing Committees, to the Officials and the volunteers who have tirelessly worked to prepare what I am certain will be an interesting new event.

I am confident that the skaters will offer their best performances, competing in a friendly atmosphere; to them I wish the best of luck.

Ottavio Cinquanta
President of the International Skating Union